New American Pathways Group

Artist: Natrice Miller

New American Pathways provides more than 5,000 refugees per year with the necessary tools to rebuild their lives and achieve long-term success. Their specially designed programs provide proven pathways for refugees and other immigrants to realize their full potential and dreams while becoming productive, contributing members of Georgia’s communities.

  • New American Pathways represents refugees from 16 countries, with the majority of clients coming from Burma (Myanmar), Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Congo.
  • Pathways to Bright Futures is New American Pathways’ school-based after-school program with school liaison services for approximately 180 refugee students.
  • Students receive after-school services for approximately 2.5 hours Monday through Friday. They participate daily in Math, Science, ELA, and Character Education activities.

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Discussing the Process at our Grand Unveiling Event

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