2014-2015 Projects

2014-2015 Projects


In 2014, Emory students paired with Atlanta-area artists Paper Frank, Deborah Sosower and Kelly Kristin Jones to create works for local nonprofits ForeverFamily, TreesAtlanta and the Gateway Center, respectively,


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Enjoy the final products of the class below!

Gateway Center/Kelly Kristin Jones

In 2014, artist Kelly Kristin Jones led Emory students Brittany Fauconnet, Yeji Park, and Daneka Stryker in creating artwork for Gateway Center, a nonprofit that works to end chronic homelessness in Atlanta by helping people achieve self-sustainability. The group created a striking photo campaign called “We Are Atlanta.” Click through to see the results!  


In 2014, acrylic painter and tattoo artist PaperFrank collaborated with Emory students to create artwork for Foreverfamily, a nonprofit that “works to ensure that, no matter what the circumstances, all children have the opportunity to be surrounded by the love of family.” Emory student artists included Benjamin Austin, Kevin Oshiro Do and Maya Hubbard. Kids at … Continue reading ForeverFamily/PaperFrank

TreesAtlanta/Deborah Sosower

In our 2014 class, students partnered with artist Deborah Sosower to create artwork for TreesAtlanta. Their final product was a large wood carving, which can act as a stand-alone art piece or be used to make promotional prints. Emory student artists were Lois Chang, Kunal Patel and Aubrey Tingler. Click through to see more photos!