2015-2016 Projects


  • Group 1— Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition and Michael Reese
  • Group 2— Partnership Against Domestic Violence and Masud Olufani
  • Group 3— Solomon’s Temple and Darci Rodheni Jaret
  • Group 4— Wholesome Wave Georgia and Jerushia Graham

Featured Segment on WSB-TV:


Emory News Report:

In the News: 2015 Projects - By Kimber Williams Originally published in the Emory Report, Nov. 19, 2015 When is a t-shirt a tool for social change? Can sculpture become a plea for public awareness? And how does a mural express a celebration of human resilience? In the hands of Emory students, those kinds of questions were not only fodder for classroom … Continue reading In the News: 2015 Projects


Printmaking Class with Jerushia Graham:

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