Partnering Artist: Tara Olayeye

Partnering Artist: Tara Olayeye

The G.E.E.A.R.S group paired with artist Tara Olayeye.


Tara Olayeye, taraola

Tara Olayeye (aka. taraola) is a content creator, filmmaker, and video editor who has a deep love for storytelling through the mode of video. She runs the youtube channel taraola where she posts expressive and colorful short films and videos. In Spring of 2017 she co-founded Emory University’s first and only female production group, FemmeFilms, whose first film Petals won a Jury Award and Silver Tripod award at Campus Movie Fest 2017 and is currently nominated for a National Golden Tripod Award.

Find her online at , on Instagram @taraolaa, and on Youtube at taraolaa.

View more of Tara’s work below.


Students Reflections about working with the theater

“While working on this project, I have learned the value of patience. You need a lot of patience when filming and gathering research. For instance we filmed an hour worth of footage with the author of “The Temple Bombing” and we will probably only use a minute of it in the video. Overall it has been an amazing experience visiting the alliance theater, and helping Laura.” -Maya Bornstein


“I have helped set up different interviews for the documentary, assisted in research, and have met with both Laura and people in the alliance theater about the production and promotion of the video. It has really been a fulfilling experience.” – Klamath Henry