Alliance Theatre’s Final Project


Alliance Theatre is a successful and highly-respected acting education program located in Atlanta, GA. They are dedicated to sharing theatrical experiences with diverse people and providing access to the arts on a national level while remaining deeply rooted in and reflective of the local community.

The Alliance Theatre group worked with Laura Asherman (Filmmaker) and Celise Kalke (Director of New Projects at Alliance Theatre).

The Team:

Maya Bornstein

Samantha Franco

Sarah Hale

Klamath Henry

Molly Tucker

Baily Putnam


Laura reflects on what it was like working with our classmates

“Working with the students on The Temple Bombing short documentary has been an eye-opening experience for me. By breaking down my process for beginners to the medium, I’m contextualizing and reevaluating the habits that have become ingrained in me. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the students, and I hope that both through our process and the content of our film, they come away from this with a deeper grasp of the power of media to effect social change and the skills necessary to embark on their own documentary projects.” – Laura

Interviewing Rabbi Berg


Rabbi Peter Berg (shown above) educates Emory Student’s on the Temple coming that helped inspire the theater play. He presents a photo which showcases how the Atlanta community rallied around their Jewish neighbors and helped to rebuild the Temple.


Members of the group (Sarah Hale EC ’17 shown above) interview Rabbi Peter Berg about the Temple bombing and look on as documentary filmmaker Laura Asherman films him.


Students Reflections about working with the theater

“While working on this project, I have learned the value of patience. You need a lot of patience when filming and gathering research. For instance we filmed an hour worth of footage with the author of “The Temple Bombing” and we will probably only use a minute of it in the video. Overall it has been an amazing experience visiting the alliance theater, and helping Laura.” -Maya Bornstein


“I have helped set up different interviews for the documentary, assisted in research, and have met with both Laura and people in the alliance theater about the production and promotion of the video. It has really been a fulfilling experience.” – Klamath Henry