About the Center


The Emory Center for Ethics is an independent institution that serves the wider Emory community by providing valuable research and insight into the role of ethics in shaping thoughts, hearts, and policies around the world.

The Center defines Ethics as “the field of understanding human behavior in relation to values.” Those who study ethics “explore how we think about and determine right and wrong and analyze the standards and motivations that govern personal and group action.” Ethics can be applied to the entire range of subjects studied at Emory; the institution does not work solely with any discipline and engages the entire community to create ethical conversations on a global perspective.

The Center has a four-level approach to bringing scholars, students, and the community together:

  •             Generating and disseminating exemplary scholarship
  •             Creating innovative curricula
  •             Advising and Consulting
  •             Offering Programming and providing a safe space

The Center has also divided the communities it serves into four core pillars. These include

Together, these four pillars make up the disciplines integrated into the Center’s philosophy. The Center hopes to make clear the shared values that exist between each.