First Step: Final Thoughts

First Step: Final Thoughts

(Carly Besser) We’re two out of the five students that created this project and it was such a pleasure working with both Melissa Alexander and First Step Staffing to make our short documentary. The filmmaking experience was relatively new to all of us on our team. Some of us came into this class with photography experience and minor editing skills, but we were able to pick up the skills needed to execute this project with the help of our amazing mentor and artistic guide, Melissa. I learned so much about how important it is to embrace the unexpected when creating a film and to be open to hearing the stories around us to gain new perspectives. We heard many incredible stories from First Step employees and clients that challenged all of our perceptions of what we identified with homelessness. We hope our film did the same for you all.


(Edward Hernandez) Our goal with this project was to tell a story that explained what homelessness is, what the common misconceptions of homelessness is, and how First Step Staffing is impacting homelessness in Atlanta and other cities. We decided to approach this goal by showcasing the experiences of one of First Step’s clients, Dale, and intermixing it with interviews from First Step employees. As a group, we felt that it was important to build an overarching story around Dale’s life because his experiences challenges common notions of homelessness, it shows the ups and downs of someone transitioning out of homelessness, and it shows the impact of First Step.

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