Partnering Artist: Melissa Alexander

The First Step Staffing Group paired with artist Melissa Alexander, known online as phylis.iller.

Melissa Alexander, phylis.iller

personal_photo-4-1000x600Having parents from the North but being raised in the South, Melissa Alexander is the best of both worlds. “Son” drops from her mouth just as easily as “y’all” and she can kick it like Tribe but will attend a Player’s Ball with Outkast. She is mama to a daughter nicknamed lowercase g and takes her role as auntie just as seriously. Constant growth is her thing and she brings that out in her work.

phyllis.iller reel from phyllis.iller on Vimeo.

Read her interview with VoyageATL here.

Find Melissa Alexander online at, on Facebook at, and on Instagram @phyllis.iller.

View more examples of her work below.


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