A Conversation with Professor Queen

A Conversation with Professor Queen

Birmingham; Chicago; Yugoslavia; Macedonia; Indianapolis; Atlanta. Professor Edward  Queen has left a powerful mark on the vast range of environments in which he has served. As a specialist in modern American religion with a concentration in global security and human rights, Queen has traveled the world, providing unique insights into the role of religion in peacebuilding.

This background might sound a little more exciting than his current role of teaching college-aged students, but Queen has always seen the value of education in constructing community identity and action. During his time in Macedonia, Queen assisted in creating a college to bring people together in a post-civil war and post-communism society. Likewise, he is the vision behind educational programs including the Religion and Philanthropy Project at the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy and the Islamic Society of North America’s Fellowship Program in Nonprofit Management and Governance.

Bringing his talents to the Center, Queen was intent on finding a way to engage students in community building. When approached by Southwest Airlines, the two parties realized a mutual interest in these topics, as well as art.

“Through a series of conversations, it became clear that this connection between art, local community groups, and students was something for which they [Southwest] have a passion and something for which we clearly have a passion.”

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