UHI: Student Reflections

(From left) Justin Lee, Hannah Higgins, Leila Yavari, Samantha Goodman

Samantha Goodman: “It was neat to get hands-on experience working with the passionate group that is UHI. From the beginning, I was extremely impressed by the array and variety of UHI’s initiatives. They are tackling so many different urban health problems just here in Atlanta. It was an important reminder that we do not necessarily have to travel far to make a difference, as there is so much to do right beyond the Emory gates. I hope that our work with Will Feagins sheds even a little bit of light on the awesome work UHI does — from the rolling suitcase drive to the community teaching garden.”

Bria Goeller: “This was a wonderful learning experience. Being in consistent contact with a professional artist and working towards a tangible goal helped me gain insight into the world of art after college.”

Hannah Higgins: “Working with Dr. Sexson and UHI was a great experience, especially when we actually got to go to Emory Midtown.”

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