Why Global Growers: A discussion with Ross Oscar Knight

Why Global Growers: A discussion with Ross Oscar Knight

Ross Oscar Knight is a world-renowned photographer, author, and artist who actively engages with humanitarian organizations to create imagery that inspires positive social change. He became involved with the Global Growers project over a year ago when he was choosing an Atlanta based organization with which he wanted to work. The goal of his chosen project would be to create a series of engaging photographs to promote his chosen organization and help them further their humanitarian endeavors.

Ross reflects:

“There were so many aspects of Global Growers that drew me to work with their organization. One thing that inspired me is that this organization wasn’t widely known. In fact, I had never even heard of Global Growers. And I always feel like I draw inspiration from underdog narratives. When I first visited one of their gardens, I saw that it was hidden behind old church, it was tucked away. I love working on projects that are hidden and need more support.

Also, during my first visit to that garden, I noticed that most gardeners there were women from Burundi. I had recently been to Burundi and I loved it! While there I felt so connected to farmers and I got to tell stories of small Burundian businesses. So, when I learned that there are people from Burundi in Atlanta, practically in my own backyard, and I didn’t know, I instantly felt called to work with Global Growers. In a way, this project connects my international work to my local work.

So, after I made the decision to work with Global Growers, I sat down and looked over their website. I found that it did not lack information, but their videos and photography only engaged with two of the organization’s families. The website did not have many stories that depicted the lives of the gardeners. I wanted to change that by creating a series of engaging and striking images that more accurately illustrated the lives and stories of the refugee families working in Global Growers’ gardens.”

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